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Home Buyer Program

Our Home Buyer Program is very unique because it can be custom tailored to fit your particular home buying needs.

There has never been a better time to buy with prices and interest rates as low as they are. Our #1 goal is to get you into home ownership! Below are some examples of how we can help.

You want to purchase a home but don’t know where to start.

With our Home Buyer Program we can point you in the right direction by helping you figure out what you can afford and what is most important to you in buying a home. We can also point you to resources that can get you pre approved to buy a home.

You are ready to buy a home but want one that is a great price and is customized to fit your needs.

Once you are pre approved if our current properties do not fit your buying criteria we can help find you one that does. Because we are investors and pay all cash we can buy properties and customize them with the features and décor choices you are looking for.

You want to buy a home but need to sell your home first.

We can offer solutions for that also visit the Need to Sell your Home section of our website.

You want to buy a home but you need to repair your credit first.

We can refer you to credit repair services that can help you get your credit back on track and save you money.

You want to buy a home but you need to save money first.

If most of your money goes towards rent it makes it hard to save. We offer a very unique equity building program with all of our rental properties that will give you a chance to earn up to 20% of your monthly rent in equity. What makes our program unique is the equity you earn does not have to be used just on the home you’re renting it can be used on any of our available homes or on a home we specifically purchase and fix up for you. The other great thing about our program is it does not require any additional money down, higher rent payments, or you doing the repairs yourself like most rent to own programs do to earn equity. Every time you pay rent you are automatically earning equity that can be used for things like closing costs, custom upgrades or even in some cases down payment assistance. The money is available to you as long as you use it on a home you purchase through us.

For more information on the different solutions we offer with our home buying program contact us at 720-545-0100 or fill out the Home Buyer Questionnaire below.

Not seeing a solution to your home buying problem? Contact us we offer a wide variety of solutions and will do our best to help you!

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